Grade 6


My Warm Cozy Home

My Warm Cozy Home
The smell of the gingerbread cookies woke me up. As I opened my eyes I squinted and rubbed the sleep from my face. I jumped out of my bed to go turn on the Christmas lights, excited because Christmas is my favourite time of year. My home is full of Santas and a big Christmas tree. This time of year is making memories and sitting by the woodstove watching “Home Alone” drinking hot cocoa with my family in my restful home all cuddled up in blankets.
When I run into the living room I can see boxes with colourful paper and bows on top. I dart straight to the Christmas tree and turned on the lights. We wait until my grandma and grandpa arrive. I squeal with joy because we can now start to open presents. My sister, two brothers and I opened the gifts so fast, that paper is flying everywhere and laughter is ringing. After, we clean up the paper from our crazy explosion, but our smiles are cemented on.
My mom and grandma start to make something that smells really good. They always make something that is only for Christmas. We sit around the fire and play some games, When I looked outside I see these fluffy sparkles, they are all different sizes. My grandma and grandpa hugged us as they leave and my soul is warm, happy and full. The reason I like Christmas is not because of the presents it’s because of making memories, laughing and having fun. The nice thing is that in the end, we are all happy, just as long as we are all together in a place we can call home. My soul is so peaceful and warm inside and everyone deserves to feel this way.