Grade 5


My Warm and Fuzzy Home

My home is warm and toasty
It also means I’m cozy
In particular, I am very lucky
My home is big and comfy,
I am very happy.
No one’s negative
Because we are positive
I am safe because I have shelter
It is really a happy helper
I am safe and sound
Not to be bugged
I am safe from danger

I come home to hot food
I love to not cook
I have a lucky life
Because I have family
I have a warm soft bed
That no bed bugs sleep
Unlike homeless
I have a soundless sleep
I am not punished
For drama
I am safe from danger

I am kind
Because I’m found
Not lost
I can see negative
But I’m not
Because in a home
I am safe
Otherwise the homeless
Are another story
I’m safe from danger

I have toys
That are funny
But above everything
Nothing is better than a home
Homes are safe
No danger
To be protected
No one should be scared
Because they should have a home
If you are scared
Find help
You with be helped
Soon enough
I am safe from danger

Cool air blowing
Is the sound most homeless
Wake up to
With chills up their spines
It is hard to think
That lots of adults and kids
Don’t have homes
Throughout the day
It’s hard not to cry
When you’re not safe
On the other hand
I am very lucky