Grade 5


My Vision of Home

What home means to me

All my life home has been either a structure or a building, an apartment or a house but in hearing about this project I knew that it was different. Home is love, respect, and understanding. Home is belonging.

My family shows me how much they love me every day. My mom shows me love when she cuddles me at night. My dad shows me love when he reminds me how grateful he is to have me in his life. My sister shows me love when she climbs into my bed at night when she has nightmares knowing that with me she’s safe. Knowing love surrounds me is knowing that I’m home.

Without respect home would be a place without comfort. It’s how my parents congratulate me for small accomplishments. My sister respects me by helping me in tough situations. My family respects me by supporting me when I’m scared. No home would be as comfortable without this kindness and respect.

Everything is easier when people understand you. You know you belong. My dad shows that he understands me when he explains how silly my nightmares actually are when I’m scared. My mom understood me when she bought me a new night light after telling her how afraid I am of the dark. My parents show me understanding when they tell me how embarrassing their childhood was when I embarrass myself. Life is much better when you’re understood.

A good home can be found anywhere with family or people you love but it’s not always as simple. Some people may have family, but the absence of shelter can cause them trouble and put them in grave situations. With Habitat for Humanity’s genius idea to help build affordable housing, they are extending the opportunity to build a home beyond the walls.