Grade 5

British Columbia

my virsion of the meaning of home

What is the meaning of home to me?
Home to me is where there is lots of love, family, and memories. To me, a home is not just a roof, walls, and doors. It’s way more than that. I have lived in my home for almost two or three years, and so many amazing memories have happened and not so great memories have happened. In a home, you get sad, happy, or even angry. I have all sorts of emotions in my home. When I’m in my home I feel warm and safe.
In my home I can celebrate my birthday, I can celebrate big milestones. I can be myself and not be embarrassed, and I can also have fun and do what I want as long as it is okay with my mom and dad. I have a dog, a sister, a mom, and a dad. When my dog Gracie died, everyone in my family and I felt like a piece of our home and heart was missing. But then we got a new dog Stella a few months later.
My home is an amazing thing to have and I am so grateful. There are people struggling on the streets for money or food or clothes, and other things to survive. because they can’t afford to buy a home. Sometimes to people who can’t afford a home try to go to jail sometimes for food, but I can just expect food.
Now think about what does home mean to you?