Grade 4

Red Deer

My Version of Home

When I hear someone say home I think about my family, my friends and my best friends. To me home is wherever I feel happy, safe and comfortable. Home means a place where you can have fun, relax and laugh with your friends and family whenever and however you want.
At home I am really happy. My family, my pets and my friends can do fun things with me like play together. When I’m at home I know that everything is ok.

Home is a place where I can be safe and secure. I’ve got lots of food, shelter and warmth. But many people aren’t so lucky. Some people have no place to stay. Everybody deserves to have a home no matter how big or small.

Home is a place where I can be crazy, weird, insane and excited with no one but my family. When I’m at home I feel like there is no one to judge me for doing what I love doing.

My home brings me joy everyday even when I’m down. Now you know what home means to me.
Basically, home is a place where I can be me.