Grade 5


My Two Homes

Meaning of Home
My Two Homes

I have two homes. Both are safe, warm, secure, happy, funny and fun. But it is tough sometimes having two homes. Like having younger siblings, following coordinating schedules, and switching houses. But then there are the good things about having two homes. I always have a place to stay and many people who care about me.

My favourite parts of my two homes are the smell of perogies cooking and biscuits being made with melted cheese sprinkled all over it. In my homes I have three brothers, a dad, mom, a stepdad, a sister, two cats, a dog and a fish.

At my dad’s house I can take a tent outside and stare at the stars all night. At my mom’s I can sit in the hot tub and watch the colours of the water change with a hot chocolate in one hand, and a bag of marshmallows in the other. I have sweet dreams at both of my houses.

That’s my life at my two homes.