Grade 6

Nova Scotia

My True Home Will Never Fade Away

My True Home Will Never Fade Away

Home, a place where family is
Where I can sit back and sleep
It gives me a sigh of bliss
Finally, after a long day I can rest

I know I can’t stay here forever
If I do, I bet it will hurt like a sever
I can open the window and feel the fresh air
I hope I won’t be gone for long
A place where I really belong

Filled with people I love
It can be in the sea
Or in the stars above
Wherever it is, it should have peace
Where I can stretch sit back and read

A place where I grow, evolve and learn to know everyone
Or dance around to music, play a game and have fun
Joy fills me up all the way to the top
My home, it fits me like a glove.
Hang out with my friends
At a place that I love

Eating supper around the dinner table
Eating food made by mom
Then watch television with popcorn in my mouth
Maybe watch explosions from bombs

Reading a book by the lamp
About a superhero
Or about a regular day at camp
No matter where I go
My home will never change
My true home