Grade 6

Nova Scotia

My Thought Of Home.

My Home is very important to me, and I’m sure that it is to other people too!
My Home is a warm place where I can stay on summer and winter nights.
Family and friends visit and play games, going outside to play, my family will love and support me.

When thinking of it, I think of a place that’s not lonely,
My neighbors are always up to play outside, playing with my brother and his friends.

I trust my home very much,
I am very grateful to have one.

Some people don’t have a space to stay,
Living out in the dark and cold streets or in shelters alone and hope to have a home one day.

To help those people to get a house, where its nice and warm,
They would have caring supporting people beside them, and they wouldn’t be alone, no matter what race, sexuality or religion, everybody deserves a home.

I want to help with this project to help others in need, so writing this will mean a lot to everyone,
And even if I don’t win this will still be some help,
I like seeing people happy so i hope they are happy!