Grade 5

Porters Lake
Nova Scotia

My thinking of a home

My thinking of a home
By Devon C
A home is for you to be safe and protected from the cold and also to celebrate easter,christmas,halloween,birthdays, family day and also a place where you can play video games. While playing video games you can eat cookies,chips,chocolate,also can not forget the drinks pop, juice you can also invite friends and family over and watch tv and movies and play on your ipad or phone. And you can sit by the fire in the winter if its to cold and when its winter you can go sleding,skiing then you can come home to a nice warm house. Then you can go warm up some hot chocolate and you also have a bed that you sleep in. so you can get a good sleep you can also and you can get fresh water and you can come home to some really good food that you can eat.then you can to go to bed and have a good sleep.