Grade 5


My Sweet, Safe, Lovely Home

My Sweet, Safe, Lovely Home

Home is safe.
Home is a safe place to live where you feel secure and comfortable.
Home is a safe place to sleep at night.
Whenever you’re scared, you have family next door to keep you safe.
After a long vacation all aroud the world, your final destintion is always your home.

Home is where my family always welcomes me with love and care.
When I come back from school, a sleepover, anything from outside,
I always see my family waiting for me.

Home is where my sweet memories will stay.
When I grow up, I always remember a special memory.
Like fun Christmas dinner, and my brother’s first steps.

Home is where I want to be.
When I’m at school sometimes, I want to come home where I can see my family.
Home is a happy place.
Where you can play all day long.
When you are sad, or mad, your loved one’s always next to you to cheer you up.

Home is a place where I start my day with possitive vibes.
When I come back with a bad day, my sweet home snuggles me with love and care.
Home is where we all want to be!
Home is where you belong to be you!