Grade 5

belle river

my sweet home

at home l feel very safe 1.How do I feel at home.?I feel comfortable at my house When I think about the poor I think about them not having a house I feel bad for the poor for not having any clothes when It is summer And when is winter when it is cold Ding dong any food And Don’t have any money 2 I think my house is special because.? I love my house is special to me because I am lucky to have a house.3.How is my house special to me how.?House I think it is special to me because my family and my family members live with me and that makes my house and my family remember special to me .4.How do I feel about Poor.?Sad because we have a baby and we do so I want the full to have a home. We have food so I think the Poor should have food to4.How I feel sad driving past the poor.?I feel sad driving past the poor because I have everything that they don’t I have a car food and shelter I can only have a tiny .Bathroom shak.5.How I feel when I’m asleep about the poor.?I feel sad about the pool because they don’t have no shelter at night and it is cold so they must be very freezing at night And I have a nice warm shelterAnd they don’t 6.How I feel around my family members.?I feel really secure and safe around my family members. In the pool people feel sick on their family members but they don’t have a shelter and we do7.I feel very safe and secure around my family and think about the poor starving hungry.