Grade 4


My Sweet Home

A home is a place where you and me live. I love my home as much as you do. I don’t have to worry about my feet freezing all the time. I am safe here in my sweet home and if I have a cold food, I can just heat it up. I can study without worrying that my piece of paper would fly off. I can sleep on my bed without worrying about my safety. I can draw whatever I want to without going to the street lights to do it. I can breathe in the fresh air in the balcony without getting a fever. I won’t get hungry because my mom cooks filling and delicious meals every day and smell of my moms cooking is amazing and it spreads all over the house. And if I need to change, I can just go in the bathroom to change instead of finding a place that I don’t know, to change and getting scared that someone could see me. I’m grateful for having a home to live.