Grade 6


My Story About Home

I get off the bus and walk down the driveway to go see my mom and dad. If I didn’t have a home of my own, I don’t know what I would do with my life. A home is the best thing I could ever have and this is why I am writing this story, to help another family get a home of their own. Home is so much more than you think! You make memories that are shared generations after generations. Home is where you can have a fun time all your life. Home is where you watch movies and eat popcorn, laugh and some times cry a little bit. All the things that are apart of having a family living in a home. Home is where you can eat all your meals at a dining room table including dessert. Home is a place you can have friends over, but with Covid 19, now you can’t have friends over. This just means more time with your family. Home can keep you warm and cozy all day and night. Home is the best thing you can think of, it’s a beautiful place. It is so awesome to have a home and that’s why, I want every one in the world to have a home like me and my friends.