Grade 5


My speciel place

My Special Place
A home is my special place it’s a place nobody will regret. It’s a place where your finally free from the world outside all the dangers and villains. When your there it feels like it’s the place you want to be in, away from the snowy winter breeze even from the glare of the hot sun, at home it is the perfect temperature for you to get warm in your couch and drink a cup of coco. You get enough food, water, comfort and love. If I did not have a home, I would not survive, no food, water, family, friends not even a bed to make you comfy in the night! One thing you need in life is a home and I will probably live a miserable life if I did not have one. Its somewhere were your parents will put their arms around and give you a hug. In a home you meet new people, make new friends and meet old friends. I love my home and I thank god every day that I and many others have a place that they called home. Then when the sun goes down, your bed is already waiting for you to sleep in all dry and warm. And you hear a sound flooding your ears, “goodnight”. You might think how all these things are possible in one day, but it is possible, with a home.