Grade 5

British Columbia

My special place

Home can be as small as a snail’s shell.
Home can also be as big as a grassland.
All the homes of all organisms combined together makes our homeland.
In a home you have everything you have ever dreamed of.
You share happiness and harmony with each other in a home.
When I’m insecure with myself,
My family will help me find my way back on track.
It gives me energy, it makes myself feel all warm and happy inside.
So tomorrow I might want to try new things and help others, too.
Home represents life.

As I awake in the morning,
The birds chirp a happy melody.
It makes me smile that went from ear to ear.
I get dressed and head down the hallway into the kitchen.
I see that my family are sitting on the dining table,
With breakfast on their plates.
They didn’t eat it, they waited for me.
I wish I had said thank you,
But I kept it in my heart.
Unil, the day comes that I feel down,
These memories will help me feel yellow.
When you don’t need a light,
Because you shine so bright,
You always know that your day is going to be great.
All these happy memories happened in your home.
You spend holidays and seasons in your home.
Friends and family gather in your home on your birthday every year.
Everybody is there for you.
Never forget them.
You are never alone.
Home means more than just words,
No one can describe how grateful everybody is for their home.

-Laura Li

Grade 5 Anne McClymont Elementary