Grade 6

British Columbia

My Special Home

My home is REALLY special to me. It’s as special as my FABULOUS family. One reason why my home is special to me is that it keeps me safe as a vault. If I did not have a home, I would be living on the streets and that would not be safe because bad things like losing a PEACEFUL puppy can happen! My home also keeps me warm like a blanket. It keeps me warm because it has heaters and there is also a roof over my head to keep me warm. Without a roof, rain would come in and get me WET as a duck. Another reason home is special to me is because it always keeps my FANTASTIC food from getting BAD as a rotten apple. It has a Fridge to keep my food COLD as Ice, an Oven to make my food HOT as a stove and a stove to keep make my food YUMMY as pancakes! My home is also special because when I get hurt or sick it has the stuff I need, when I am sad or having trouble with something I can go to my HAPPY home and talk to my PEACFUL parents and when I get something like a BRILLIANT book or TERRIFIC toys, it keeps them so whenever I need it, I can use it. The last reason my house is REALLY special to me is that whenever I feel grumpy or sad, I can always go to my bedroom and have a nap and also when I am bored like a person who has no toys, I can go out in my BEAUTIFUL backyard and play. The MOST important thing that makes my home special is my family. Whenever me and my family are together there is a lot of love in the house because we all care for each other and make everyone happy. My home and my family are always the ones that keeps me safe and I hope it keeps everyone else SAFE too!!! 😊