Grade 4


My Special Home

My Special Home

Does home love you? Home is a special place. Everyone wants a decent home to live in. Home is my shelter. Everyone wants a house that’s safe and warm. Home is a safe place and everyone wants a home that is a great place to live.

In my home my brothers are chaotic. My home is where I play tag with my brothers. Home is where I eat. Everything in my house makes a beautiful home. I do everything. I snowboard. We have a fire. We play tag. We have game nights and movie nights.

Home is all we need. Without a home everyone would live on the streets. Even animals have homes. That’s how much a home means to us. A home can be a cave, a tree, the jungle, or a forest. Almost anything can be a home if it is warm and safe and special.

At home I can clog my toilet but it’s not embarrassing. I cook cookies and muffins with my granny and they smell good. After school I can relax on the sofa.

Your home takes care of you if you take care of your home. Home loves you too. Also, home is where I bring friends over and home is where I invite my family and siblings. Home is where I take care of my dogs and feed them. Home is a special place. My home is sturdy, my home is creepy, and I hear the slamming doors in the hallway! I pack my backpack and head to school. I am grateful for home.When I come home I eat, play, and cause mayhem after dinner. Home is where I go to bed and sleep. In my bed I think of my home and what it means to me. Home is safe, warm and special. Your home loves you too and you love your home too.