Grade 5


My Special Home

What does home mean to you? Home is a place where you live but my home is special.

I live in an apartment so I don’t have a house or my own room.But even without my own room or a house,my home is special.My homes walls are snow white and my floor is brown as a tree.In my living room I have a bed that me and my sister play on.In winter,we usually put one or two sheets of blankets on it.That way me and my sister and I stay warm while we are playing.We have two sofas that have many comfy pillows.The sofas are made of leather so we put sheets on the sofas so the leather won’t come off.I have a dining table which is more like a “food stash” because almost all of our food is put there.So we eat on the bed that is in the living room.We have a lot of clothes of me,my sister,my mom.My dad doesn’t have that many clothes.In total of me, my sister and my moms clothes,we need FIVE CLOSETS!!That is a lot of clothes,right?I have a T.V. My T.V is not a big T.V,but it is a medium sized T.V. My bedroom has two beds in it. I sleep with my dad on one bed and my sister sleeps with my mom on the other bed.These are some of the things in my home that I use everyday and that makes me happy.When I am at home,I like the air and the smell of the home that makes me happy.My home is peaceful also quiet place to work on my homework and my chores.My home is a big umbrella that protects me from sad droplets of the rain.Sometimes the feeling of how much I like my home can’t be explained by words.But even with lots of stuff such as clothes,I LOVE MY HOME A LOT AND MY HOME IS ALWAYS SPECIAL TO ME.