Grade 4


My Special Home

I love home because I feel safe.
I do not have to work I can just save everything.
There can be peace and I can release.
I can play freely.
My home is very meaningful.

Everyone needs a home because it is somewhere where you can hide all your treasures.
My home gives me pleasures.
When I think of home I think of memories and a place where I can be cared for.
You just want more.
All it takes is a little compassion.
It does not matter about the size or fashion.
At all times friends and family will be there for you no matter the problem.
You can be there all seasons; summer, spring, winter and autumn.
I am protected by my roof.
I can hear my dog woof.
I have good, scrumptious food to eat.
My house is calming and complete.
A house keeps you safe throughout the outrageous thunder storm.
A home will always keep you warm.
Imagine a whole house that a big family can fit in snugly.
A home will never die so you can always be comfy.
A good house built on rock will stand strong.
I am telling the truth of a house, I am never wrong.
The house will be close.
My house is never too far.
I look out the window to spot the sun.
My big, amusing house is filled with fun.
When I come back from a place I run to the doorstep.
I walk into the house to find my little dog ebb.
I love my home.
It will always be on the line for you, you can always phone.
In my opinion, that is the TRUE meaning of home.