Grade 5

St. John's
Newfoundland and Labrador

My Special Home

My Special Home

By Marwa Nahhat

Before I came to Canada, I was in Lebanon. I came here three years ago. I was happy because there was school in Lebanon but it was very far away from my home. Now I am not far from my school because it only takes me around five or ten minutes to get there.
Home is a good thing. Some people don’t have a home. When I first came to Canada, my family and I went to a hotel. Then we were lucky to get our own home. I was happy because we had a home. Home is very good thing.
Home is a nice thing where you can be safe.
Home is a big place where you can be with your mom, dad, sister and brother.
Home is where you can have your friends visit.
Home is where you and your family can eat and not be cold .
I feel good in my home here in Canada.
In Canada, there is a lot of food and a lot of families happy in their houses .
When it’s cold, snowy or rainy, you can be warm in your home.
Home is where a child can be good and happy.
I’m thankful for my mom and dad. My dad brings our family lots of important things to our home.
Thank you mom and dad. I love you a lot.
I have everything I want and could ever need.
Remember home is a good thing and you should be thankful for it .
I am thankful for my new home and school in Canada.