Maira Mae

Grade 6


My Small Home

My Small Home

My home isn’t just a house,
a small house with walls and a roof
It’s a castle of gold standing up bravely through
The resistance of the winds, blizzards and burning heat
A castle with fun memories
Of my family cracking up funny jokes
Of having dinner together with mom’s great cooking
Of watching movies together
My house may be small to many
But to me, it’s an enormous castle
And we’re all grateful for that

My home isn’t just an enormous
house with fun memories
It’s also massive in forgiveness
We make mistakes throughout the day
And we get mad, but a simple sorry with a hug
Will make it better
We forgive, and we also forget

I hope that people that
Sleep in the rigged weathers
Or people that don’t have a roof over their head
Get a home so they could be warm in their bed
And can cherish moments with their family
Like having fun memories or
having a house full of forgiveness
Now I got a question for you know
What ‘s home to you?