Grade 6


My sense of home

My sense of home,
Is nothing like before.
Cooler than minerals inside of an ore.
You’re watching TV
With your family,
Being happy as you can ever be.
The sights I see
When I look at my family,
Are just too unforgettable to me.
They will always love me and I will always love them,
My sense of home might be the very best.
Sounds I can hear
Loud and clear.
Are the making of eggs
In the kitchenette.
Other sounds I can hear,
Songs that are still global today,
Still are popular and still are vocal.
These sounds are what I always want to listen,
Every minute reminds me of my sense of home.
Forever and ever these songs won’t get old.

My sense of home
That I feel every single day,
All I can say
The day spreads joy to me and my family,
Way faster than light speed.

When I look at my life I think everything is alright,
but then I look down at other people who still need to fight for their rights.
Then I start to think what I can do,
Maybe donate money to them and they’ll be happy too.
When I look at my life I feel satisfied,
They call me lucky because they say I have a sense of home,

Other people do too, they just need time to find their own.
May this be lesson to everyone,
To respect others all around you
No matter the rich, the poor, the homeless or the people with homes
We are all people and that’s all you need to know.