Grade 5


my second home

My Second Home

Home can mean many things to different people. I have a home where I live with my parents and my sisters but what I will write to you today is about my second home. This home was in the country and belonged to my grandparents. We lived there because we didn’t have enough money for our own. I loved all of the seasons there.

In summer, I remember the big rock on the side of the lake. We jumped off the rock and swam in the water. I remember the boat that we used to travel across the narrow lake, and on the boat, I caught my first Fish. I also remember going on the roof of their house where my dad told me a story. He told me he hid up there as a kid when he was playing tag with his sisters. It was a really cool story and a fun memory.

In the Fall, we played in a tree fort that my dad built when he was little. I can still remember when my grandpa raked up leaves and we use to jump in them. It was really fun. There was also a Wood clubhouse that my dad made, we played pioneers in it. I miss it a lot!!

In the winter we built a luge run that went down the hill toward the lake. It was fast, scary, and fun. We also skated on a pond beside the house. I couldn’t skate then so I sat on a sled and mom and dad pulled me around the ice.

In the spring we would drive down the country road to the creek at night. We would open the car windows and listen to the frog’s peep.

I think everybody should have a second home.
Thank you