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My Safe Space

When I think of what home means to me, a lot of things come to mind.
Home is not only a house I live in but it’s what us as a family have made it to be.

My home is a place where I always feel safe and I can be myself.
I know I am loved in my home, that is never a question.
My bedroom is my personal cozy space where I’m free to be me.

My home is filled with many memories that I may never forget.
Many conversations that happen around the kitchen table.
Even the annoying ones, I know it’s because they care about me and want to see me succeed.

I always feel supported and loved by everyone.
I can share how my day was and everyone is there to give me advice.
A day never goes by without a hug and a kiss or a simple I love you.
I could not imagine a day without this and I truly feel blessed.
I thank God when I pray for everything I have.

It truly doesn’t matter the size of your home, the only thing that matters is that you never feel alone.