Grade 5

British Columbia

My Safe Space

My home is my safe space,

My home is a safe space to keep memories,

My room is my biggest comfort space in my house,

With every little bit of my room I love,

I love my bed which I come home to to sleep every night,

I love my bookshelves where I keep my favorite books,

I love my closet where I keep all of my clothes,

I love every part of my home,

Its walls,its floors,its roof,

And most of all I love it because of its character,

The character that I, my mum, my step dad, my brother, my dogs, and my cat gave to it,

We all put a bit of character in to our house,

Every time someone is added to our family it gets more character,

Every time someone comes home angry,

Our home is where they calm down,

Not everyone has a home to come home to,

We have to be grateful for our homes,

Think of everything your home gives you,

You get your very own space in your home,

No matter if its a whole room or if its half of a room,

Or even if you just have a quarter of a room,

No matter if your space is big or if it’s small,

You have your very own space in your home,

Be grateful for your house,

And if you are properly grateful,

know this, your home is happy to have you living in it.