Grade 6

Grande Prairie

My Safe Place

Home is where I feel secure, where I feel safe. It is the place I can cry, I can laugh, I can smile. It’s the place you can’t be judged. My house isn’t just where I live, it’s a home, it’s where my family is, and where the people I love are. It’s the place I feel loved and appreciated. The place I make memories, the place I feel comfortable. It doesn’t matter where the house is because it just matters about whom you’re with. Home is where you see your future, home is where you feel comfortable to look the way you look. Home is where you can escape the outer world. Where you feel more like yourself. Where you can just lay down and think about anything at all. It’s where you can just not care what anyone else thinks. Home is where you can liberate yourself. Home is where you can express yourself in various ways. It’s the place you can learn new recipes, where you can make a mess, where you learn good from bad. I hope everyone can have a home as comforting as mine.