Grade 4


My Safe Place

My Safe Place

I come to my home, from learning lots, my brain is always full with good thoughts.
Thinking of memories I walk into home, I see all my things piled up, some from my birthday, some I earned my home is messy, and not perfect but my home is my home.

Some are spoiled some are greedy just know your lives are easy, but some people don’t have those things they don’t have toys (to play with) don’t have food (to eat).

They don’t have a house (to live in) for people that don’t have those things I hope I can help I am grateful. For what I have, I feel really lucky. I have a roof over my head, a comfy bed, I have a place to sleep, and lots to eat.

I love my home you should to. I say I hate my siblings (or parents) I bet you do too. But deep down inside, you love them. You live with them your safe place is their safe place too. ☺️

By: Julia