Grade 5


My Safe Home

Sadly, not everyone can have a safe home where they can be comfortable and safe. Living in a home where you are happy and safe is really important. Where you are loved and where you love your family. Although not everyone can experience a home. Luckily I can experience a home unlike others. A home is a place where you can be yourself. My home is where you can come home to a family that you love and they love you. Having a home means a safe place where you can eat and sleep in a home with family. When you come home from a hard day at school or work if you’re an adult and then relax or talk with family members. A house needs a family to be the heart of a house to live and clean the house. Having a big home doesn´t matter as much as one would think. A fancy home doesn´t matter as long as your home is comfortable and loving. Although a big home and a fancy is better for sure but a home is a home. Surprisingly as long as you have food and water and a bed you don’t need an xbox or a ps4 to have fun with your family. Living in a bigger home is easier than living in a small home. Surprisingly some people that live in big homes are not happy. I have a pretty big home and I love it. It is nice and comfortable. Everybody deserves a home.