Grade 6

Nova Scotia

My Safe Home

My home is like my safe place
It keeps me and my family nice and warm
If I am chilly I can turn my heater on
And cuddle up in a warm cotton blanket
I can wash my hands if they are filthy, dirty
I can look through my shimmering window
To see the beautiful trees, wildlife and the laughing children playing
My home is my quiet place
I can go relax on my lovely warm bed or I can go enjoy some delicious food right
From the steaming hot oven
I can see the buzzing bees swarm the dazzling flowers
Through my glistening window
My pets can have a warm house to live in
My home is my safe place
My home keeps me happy
I have power so I can watch TV
I can heat up my food
I can have fresh clean cold water to drink
I can have lights so I can see when there is no sun to brighten the sky
My home is Amazing!!!!