Grade 6

Grande Prairie

My Safe Home

I always feel safe while in my home
And I cannot say how lucky I am
To have a home with my fam

It is not fair to the people in need
So come on everybody, let’s do a good deed!

It may not seem like much,
But it sure does help,
Writing this poem
Will make someone yelp!

We are so blessed to have a home
And it is sad to know that some people are alone
Home is a place where you can feel emotions
And hopefully without any commotions

Home is a place with your friends and family
Were you can always live happily

It would not be home without my 3 brothers
Even though we are always fighting each other
All of the laughter
I really hope everybody can live happily ever after

When I walk into my home
I smell the safest smell in the world
And that smell is

My mom and my dad
Sure they get mad
But it wouldn’t be home without that

Home my favorite place in the world
And last but not least
My 2 very cute dogs
They fill our home with joy