Grade 5


My Safe and Secure Free Home

My home town is Winkler and what I think about my home is that it’s SAFE and SECURE and I feel FREE to laugh and have fun
And praise god and Jesus.

I would love to tell you why I am so grateful to have a home. I wish everyone could be just as happy as I am to have a home.
I feel like home means family, and speaking of family I will tell you about my Christian family. My mom is soo kind and nice to everyone. My dad is a funny dude and loves to make fun of me. My sister is so beautiful and she is my favourite …..my role model and I want to be just like Kenny. First I will tell you how I got here. When I was born my birth mother could not take care of me and my other siblings,so I was in a lot of homes. My first home that I can remember was not nice the owners did not treat me nicely. I got abused. I felt like it was not home because I did not feel safe and secure. I couldn’t ask God for help because I did not know who he was. I felt like I was prisoner and they wanted me dead. All they cared about was money so I told Nicole( my worker) and she called the police and put the owners of the house in jail for the rest of my life. Well.. I think so. I went to a new home and I love it. They take care of me and my sister Kennedy and now my cat JoJo. I hope every person who will get a house will feel SAFE. And SECURE and FREE .