Grade 6


My Reality and Theirs

I open the door
Into the place
I’ve been so many times before

The place I’ve spent most of my days
All the things I’ve been feeling
Gathered in one place

The fridge let’s out a chilling breeze
Quicken my pace
Before I can freeze

I walk up the stairs
My bedroom is up there
Everything seems too normal
But to be fair,

There are people not as fortunate as me
Cold and alone
As scared as they could be

They don’t have a place to live in
No bed, no fridge..
Not even a door to open

They hold on to hope
Although for some scarcely
Almost no way to cope
Living through all temperatures barely

While I’m laughing
As my problems go away happily
They might be crying
Gripping their reality, sadly

This is their reality
Which is why
We have this charity
To save people from their condition
And welcome them into a home to live in!

If they had a home
They would be ever so grateful
Because they would know
The chilling air and the rainfall

They would feel security
Because of the lock on the front door
Peace and tranquillity
And so much more

Our lives really are far apart
But both can be happy
With a good heart
So donate a dime, a dollar or two,
So that they can live happily too!