Ji young

Grade 6


My Positive Bubble

My Positive Bubble

I think that the word, home is the blessings,
That the Lord God has blessed us with,
The simple things,
That we should be grateful every day for.

Like the sky,
The clouds,
The animals,
The sun,
The moon,
The grass,
The flowers,
The meadows we play in,
Our loved families, friends, and relatives.

Our senses that we use to hear,
Our senses are the things we use every day,
Not ever thinking,
How, many people are there in the world,
Who don’t even have those abilities?

Our brothers,
Mother, father,
Grandma, Grandfather,
Are special,
Something not everyone gets to have.

Sometimes they are irritating,
But it’s still better than being all alone,
By yourself.

Going to school,
Having a successful job,
Meeting new people,
Seeing yourself smile,
Being with people that love you,
Having a roof over your head.

People can’t always experience all of these small gifts,
All the little positive things can lead,
To Bigger positive things,
Just by thinking small then going bigger.

All the things bright and beautiful,
All creatures huge and small,
All things peaceful and calming,
The Lord God made them all.

Each glorious flower that blossoms to our feet,
Each gentle bird that sings,
He created their bright, glowing colors,
He made their dainty wings.

The tall trees in the beautiful forest,
The silent meadows where we play,
The rushes by the waves of the river,
We gather every day.

He blessed us with eyes to see them,
And lips to seak the things we tell,
How Holy is God Almighty,
Who has enchanted all things well.

Thank you, Father, for giving me,
Eyes to see a beautiful tree,
Ears to hear the trots of a dear,
Mouth to taste blueberry paste,
Hands to touch others and such.

Thank you, Lord, for your blessings,
The things that You naturally created for us,
The love and Your generosity gives us hope,
To me, home is really special,
Because it is combined with all the gifts,
And little things that we should be grateful for,
And the love of the Lord.

The book of “Awesome” gave me inspiration,
And combine the inspiration with my religion.
When I feel depressed, I think of little positive thoughts,
Then they get bigger,
It creates a huge bubble of my positivity,
And excludes all the negativity.
My positive bubble is what I call home.