Grade 5

hanover Ontario


My point of home is somewhere you feel safe and can drink the water at you feel like with a smile on your face.Where you think you feel like you can be you.A place you can not get Bacteria.Having a home means everything like showering , drinking ,sleeping in a comfortable living space and also going to the bathroom but it also means a lot to me to donate this money for you to experience living in a house It takes a lot of responsibility to keep your living space clean and provided with food each day three times.A place where you don’t feel sad or stressed out.Also a good amount of space for you to breath.You also need a safe and comfortable neighborhood.But why a comfortable neighborhood ? Why we need a comfortable neighborhood is because if you walk home or take a bus you have to feel comfortable with yourself and the people around you.If you know the responsibility of taking a bus there is a lot but if you don’t I will tell you.The responsibility of on the bus is be safe and responsible with your action.Back to my point of home.My point of home is also having a loving family that cares and wants to lay with you.Also having a good amount of space in your house.But your family has to like the house and feel like it’s a good environment.If they feel like it is too much encourage them to love the house.