Grade 6


My poem of home

My poem of Home

Home is sweet,

Home is kind,

Home is a place where people shine!

When I’m home,

I think of peace, and when I think of peace, I think of home

I hear birds chirping and airplanes soaring through the sky,

And I smell my mom’s dinner through the window, too.

I also see my dad sipping a cold beer,

And my brother is playing with building blocks, too,

While I’m outside watching the sun set, I see and hear those things, too.

When I’m at school, I daydream of home,

Where all the wonderful magic happens.

When I’m going home, my neighbor’s wave at me,

I wave back because they are kind to me and my friends,

Hey! Even the crossing-guard waves at me, too!

I’ve been to Rome, I’ve been in a dome, I’ve also sat on a throne,

But I want to go home!