Grade 6

Parry Sound

My Place to Be Free

Home is where I feel free,

Where I can sit down and watch tv.

Some people have no home.

Yes, no home to freely roam.

No place where they can be free,

No place to relax and watch tv.

My home is warm as it can be,

But others don’t have the same comfort as me.

In my home I “do not feel judged”,

In my home all I feel is loved.

I wish everyone could have a home and a bed,

Then maybe there would be no dread.

If I could grant everyone a house I would,

Then maybe I would be understood,

If everyone had a home like the rest,

The world would “be at its best”.

Some people have no place they can call their home.

No comfy warm hideout and maybe no comb.

I call my home my place of safety,

Maybe I’ll live there until I’m eighty.

With this poem I can help a family,

To help a family live happily.