Grade 5


My place in life

My place in life
Home is my life. That’s where I live so to me home is a place where there’s mercy and where there’s life. Life is the most important gift you have. Home is a place where I can be the real me, where I can be happy with my family and have fun. Sometimes when someone dies you will be sad, and home maybe isn’t the same anymore. I remember the good times of home. Home keeps me safe from everything like the storms that are made by the gods. I know that’s not true, but it makes it more exciting and fun.
Me and my sister always run around the house, plus my house is very close to a school so it’s easy to get education. One funny memory I remember was at night. We were sleeping, and my parents heard a thump and my mom got scared so my dad went investigate the living room. It was so dark that you could see nothing, so my dad went to bed. In the morning my dad saw in the living room ……. A painting on the floor. It was our painting that was on the wall. It probably fell on the ground, but it was put in a way so it looked like there was a robber that put it there. That story is going to live on for centuries.
Home is a place where your comfort is limitless. Home to me is like a palace, full of possibilities. Home is where you can remember memories and make new ones. Just because some people don’t have a home doesn’t mean they can’t be happy. We have the power to give them a home with words.