Grade 6

Nova Scotia

My Place

My Home, the place where I belong. The place where I spent most of my days. The place where I love to stay. The place where I met family. The place where I sleep. The place where I live. The meaning of home It’s like a shooting star. I love my home and I can feel my childhood.
My Home is my place where I belong. My home is wonderful.
My home is where I meditate.
The place where I fly and dream
The place where my pets play.
My home is so great it feels like fireworks.
The flowers grow outside.
The wind outside the porch.
The music far away.
I think it’s time to break.
I’ll wait a little bit.
I find the light at my home.
The lightbulb shines above me.
My home is relaxing.
The books are waiting to be read.
This is my home.