Aaditya Raj

Grade 6


My perspective of home

My perspective of home

Thankfully I have a Home.

I think I am lucky that I have a home.

I really feel sad for the people who are alone.

A home is a place that is safe.

There is no possible fate.

A home is somewhere you can say good bye to your fears

Because your family is here.

If I had no home, I would obviously have a lot of fear.

Thankfully I have a home.

So, I thank god that I have a family that is near.

A home is more than just a bed, couch and TV.

It is something irreplaceable like your family.

A home is where I have many memories.

Good and bad, mostly good and exciting and rarely bad or sad.

I think the best gift anyone has is a home.

So, to anyone who is reading this poem.

I just hope this poem will give someone a home.

Thankfully I have a Home.