Grade 4

Red Deer

My Perfect Place to Be

My Home is my refuge.
My Home is where I learn life skills.
In my Home is where I can INHALE and EXHALE.
In my Home I can stay awhile!

My Home is a peaceful, caring, fun, place to be.
In my Home we make memories, and laugh out loud at Jokes.
In my Home I can be silly and shout from happiness!
I can jump and dance without notice.

In my Home you don’t have to be right ALL the time.
It is where I can be comforted without judgement.
My Home sees me for who I am.
My Home is my journey to Imagination and creativity, weather it is eyes closed or a hands on project.

My Home celebrates my accomplishments.
My Home watches me grow.
It is where I am nestled and can breathe safety.
My Home is the perfect place to be!