Grade 4


My Perfect Home

Stop! I want to show you how I can help you make the perfect home. A home can have lots of things like… hmm, a big couch to sit and relax on. Also, with that couch, I will put a tv to watch your favourite shows or movies. If you have a pet… this the house for you! There are dog and cat beds, lots of toys, food and water. Its winter and you are cold from outside and you are just missing something… fireplace to keep you warm and cozy. You are tired and sore and its 11:00. The only thing you want to do is lay in bed, but you are not in bed, you are in the clouds because this bed is so soft. My favourite thing about houses are… hiding spots, so good you could hide as long as you want. How cool to have a backyard rink but I am too cold. Why not go in the hot tub? I would, it is very warm water with a waterfall. Oh, I almost forgot… there are coloured lights and jets on every seat. So, if you need a backyard with a rink and a hot tub, the backyard must be huge! It needs to be a big space for fresh air too! It is your choice, floor or carpet? I think floor so you can clean messes quicker than carpet. I almost forgot… some people do not like floor because it is cold, but this floor is heated, so your feet stay warm. Wow! Those were lots of ideas to help build a home to come home to!