Grade 6


My Peaceful Place

A safe place
Somewhere I am free.
I can act like me.

Home is a place I feel safe even if outside isn’t.
The four walls that make my home.
Protect me from danger, sadness and anger.
The outside world is a blur but inside I feel safe.

I walk in the door.
A wave of soft smells comes to my body.
The happiness of my dog
comes running to me
I feel comfort.
In the four walls of my home.

Nothing could break the peaceful bubble
Surrounding the house.
A place not to be judged.
A place full of laughter, memories and love.

My room
The décor on my walls
The warm comforter on my soft bed
My clothes in the closet waiting to be worn.
My room, my room.

My home runs on all the happy thoughts,
Sad thoughts and memories.
My home runs on energy of the people who live in it. My family

That is home to me.