Grade 4


My Peace Place

A home to me is cuddling with my mom and dad on the couch,
Its having dinner right on the table.
My home is where my family grows.
Its safe warm and dry.
I’m so lucky.
Home is keeping my clothes dry and feeling comfortable with my family.
Its sitting down and turning on the fire place
And letting it all go.
This is what my home means to me,
Its hearing the river go swish, swash.
If I didn’t have a home how could I survive,
Its everything to me.
Sitting on the beach,
By the ocean sea, that’s my home you see.
Its lying on the grass,
Hearing the birds sing.
Feeling the wet green grass on the ground
And feeling safe.
I don’t have to worry about anything.
Home is feeling the wind pushing my hair,
And if it rains,
And if it rains,
I have a home,
No ones as lucky as me.
Home is relying on it,
Its how I feel.
I take care of it.
Its my home and my home I love.
It’s the calling of my home
And the feeling of my heart,
That makes it so special.
My home is where I feel loved.
My home is my home and that’s how I survive.
When I see my mom and dad give money to the poor people
On the streets,
It makes me want to cry.
My home, my home is fun and loved.
Its where I can be free from my worries.
It’s the calling of my heart
And the feeling of the soul.
That’s my home,
My home to me.