Grade 5


My Paradise

Home is my paradise. Home is where I feel safe, comfortable, and where I have precious memories. I’d rather be home than anywhere else in the world.

I feel safe and loved when I’m at home because I know if I mess up or trip, my family will be right there to help and support me. So I feel safe to mess up or to do a silly dance in the MIDDLE of the kitchen because I know my family will get up and dance with me!

There’s no feeling like when you walk through the door, it’s like a wave of relief. To kick off your boots and PRY off your socks after a LONG day at school. Just sit back, relax, and watch a ridiculous movie!

Home has so many memories for me. The strange WEIRD jokes, the late nights, holidays, birthdays, and the harder days as well. So I PERSONALLY think, since I’m young and sometimes forget what I ate for LUNCH, it’s important to hold on to items that remind you of those great memories!

Home is my paradise and always will be. It’s sad to know some people don’t have a place like this. A HOME. Because I’d rather be at home with my family than anywhere else in the world. HOME is where the HEART is!