Grade 5


My number one home

Home is a place where dreams are made.
A place where I can never ever be betrayed.
Where I’m always safe to make a mistake.
A place where I never have a heartbreak.
Where I always feel like I belong.
Home keeps me strong.
Love and memories are the number one key.
Home never makes me feel like the Dead Sea.
Home keeps me safe and protected like a bee.
At home I always feel like I’m me.
Home is so amazing it’s like a fantasy.
I spend my time with my family.
Home is where there will always be people that I trust.
It makes me feel so good that fairies would throw fairy dust.
Home is a lovely place filled with happiness and joy.
Home will never leave me to do anything to annoy.
I know home will keep me balanced and steady.
But for the future home will keep me ready.
At home I will always be feeling comfort, peace and freedom.
Especially with my family cause I need’em.
Having peace and memories all around.
Home is the best thing that I’ve ever found.
Home is where I feel secure from weather.
Home where family gets all together.
Funniness and laughter making me smile.
All the happiness of home is worthwhile.
Home just doesn’t protect but it leads to fun.
Home is something that’s never done.
I have privacy and awesomeness but I still have fun.
This is why MY home is number one!!!