Grade 5


My Nice Home

My home is were I feel safe it feels familar and not just a lonely and boring house.In my home loved ones are around like my mom and dad.My pets make it not so lonley.In the summer we sometimes plant plants.I have fun at my home when animating or drawing.I like animating stickmen,creatures and objects.When I sketch in my sketch books I draw random thoughts I had and creatures and comics too.I also draw solar systems and sometimes animate them.I do like outer space and science but I think I won’t be an astronaut or a scientist I’ll ethier be an astronomer or an animator.My homes backyard has many wonders from squirrels eating nuts from the squirrel feeder and birds flying by my mom wants them to lay a nest in one of our bird houses but at least we can watch the birds fly by in the sky.My home is near a hill so we can see the sun set and sun rise better.My dad cleans with my mom and that’s why my home is clean the basement has many toys and it’s a great place to watch movies because my mom cleans it too my mom and dad try to keep the house clean and look like a home so it won’t look like a yucky rental that is not tooken care of.My mom and dad work early in the moring and I like playing games after school.If I didn’t have a home I would be sad,homeless and scared so that’s why I think other people need homes to feel safe in.So they don’t feel sad and cold.