Grade 5


My New Lovely House

Today I moved into my new house.
I saw my mom’s smile as we moved in.
I saw my sister’s excitement to move in.
It was time to make new memories in our new home.

My home is awesome even though it’s not big, but I have love in my family and that’s what makes my home so special. I go to bed, my mom kisses me goodnight, I wake up and I see my family waiting to eat with me. We chat while eating, and I get ready for school then I leave my home. When I get back I always feel so welcomed.

I go outside to play with my new neighbors and I feel so happy as they were nice to welcome me in their game. My mom yells dinner time for us to eat our delicious dinner in our home then we play some games until bedtime.

What home means to me is that you will always feel loved and cared for even if you don’t have a house. You will always have a home and you have to remember that. Remember, it doesn’t matter what your house looks like on the outside, it matters that there is love in it.