Grade 4


My Mom is the Best

Mom is the Best

My mom is trying to sell our house to buy a farm. I would love to have a pool at my new house. The farm will have lots of land to put in a pool for my Birthday. I would have all my friends over for my Birthday party and a pool party.

I love my toys whatever house I live in. At my new home I would still have some special places to play with my happy place camper like in my bedroom.

My dog and cat and my rabbit would love the farm because they always follows me where ever I go. They could make friends with the horses.

I don’t have any spaces in the house I live now to have a horse. If I move to a farm my mom said that we could get 2 horses, Shoddy and Ruffles. My two cats are coming with me and going to sleep with me in my bed.

I am really excited to move in my farm but if we don’t get to move I still love my old home.