Grade 6


My Meanings of Home

Hi, I’m writing about the meaning of home. I know for a fact there’s a lot of meanings about home like simple,amazing, terrific, you name it, and now here’s my three point’s about the meaning of home. Home is cozy. Here is my reason why home is cozy.Just chilling on the couch sitting by the fire with your family drinking hot cocoa.Home is safe.This is my reason why home is safe.When i’m left alone at home my mom always says ,”lock the doors”just for my sake of being safe.Home is memorable.My final reason why of the meaning of home.Home is like making memories though your walls, there could be memories here there everywhere,there could be memories in your kitchen your bathroom or in your bedroom well actually anywhere in your house.Well, that wraps up my three reasons of the meaning of home.Hope you enjoyed.