Grade 6

British Columbia

My Meaning of Home Poem

My Meaning Of Home Poem!

Homes don’t have to be built with wooden planks and steel nails
They can be constructed from love, laughter, and trust.
Homes can also be held together by memories, dreams, and tall tales.
Tales so tall they can break through the roof.
These tales can encompass passions, hobbies, and even talents.

Homes are where successes are celebrated,
And mistakes are nothing to be embarrassed by.
Your home should be the first place that comes to mind
When you’re nervous or anxious.
A home might be the beginning of one family’s life, but the end of another’s.

What am I grateful for?
My family, food, water, and shelter.
Some people aren’t like me, they don’t have safe structures to live in.
For some, home may be a damp sidewalk.
If asked what are they’re grateful for, they may reply…my shopping cart…the corner store awning.

Your home is your very own hideaway.
A place to feel safe and secure.
It’s what hugs you tight at night and greets you every morning.
Everyone’s home might be different, but they all serve the same purpose,
Which is to protect us, and love us.

Home accepts you for who you are and stands without judgment.
I’m so blessed to have a supportive home,
But not everyone is as fortunate as me, for that’s the meaning of this poem.
Maybe just maybe, I’ll be able to share the experience of having a loving home,
With someone who deserves to sleep in one, at gloam!