Grade 5


My Meaning of Home

The meaning of home to me represents family, safety, and a feeling.

Home is where my family is. My family makes me feel happy and loved. Whenever my family is around I know I am always welcome, supported, and free to share all of my ideas.

Home is also a safe place that provides me shelter from outside. The inside is warm when it is cold outside, and when it is warm outside it is cold inside.

When I get home I can sit down at the dinner table eating delicious foods rather than sitting in the streets and starving to death.I do not complain that i’m hungry because I think of all those poor people and how they are suffering.

The last meaning of home to me is about a feeling. It makes me feel comfortable and is a feeling of happiness that’s all peachy and warm. It makes me feel comfortable and happy because there is love, I am listened to, and taken care of.

Home is important because it is where you make memories with the ones you love, you feel safe, and are comfortable with. I feel lucky to have a home.